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Skorpion 350 EBG is a drum chipper manufactured on the basis of the already proven design of the chipper series Skorpion 350. Due to its high processing capacity this model performs extremely well when crushing short waste, for example the one from production of firewood. The chipper chute has a dimension of 375 mm in width and 340 mm in height. The hopper with the capacity of 1m³, mounted on the loading table, is designed for mechanical loading of waste.

The wood chipper is equipped with a system of drawing in the wood waste; it consists of a pick-up roller mounted in the swing arm and presses the wood with a diameter of 380 mm, and a loading table with a system of two toothed tracks with the length of 960 mm and 830 mm. The long and wide surface of tracked carriers is the ease and efficiency of timber loading. The free space between tracked conveyors serves to separate contaminants such as small pebbles, soil, sand etc. thereby extending the life of the knives. The roll and the caterpillar track are driven by the hydraulic engines system from a hydraulic pump mounted on the chipper.

The chipper as a standard has a smooth adjustment of the speed of feeding wood for chipping in the cutting range from 5 to 28 mm. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to produce fine wood chips, which can be used for production of briquettes or pellets and can be further processed in hammer mills, while the thick wood chips are ideal material for heating purposes or for sale for industrial purposes.

The sectoral arrangement of 2 cutting knives on the drum (one cut per one full revolution) guarantees the chipper's large possibilities in relation to the load on the drive system. The knives used are made of tool steel resistant to extermination which translates into a long service life.

The chipper used a sieve with 50x50 mm holes, which ensures achievement of regular chips. The woodchip is taken from under the sieve with two screw conveyors to the ejecting fan and with it ejected with an ejection pipe. The ejection pipe used is mounted on a worm turntable with the help of which the chips can be easily ejected and guided by 360°.

The chipper drive system is a low-speed electric motor. This motor, unlike high-speed motors, is characterized by more stable operation and higher torque. With the same engine power, it achieves a higher energy transfer, and by enlarging the diameter of the pulley on the main engine - the life of the V-belts increases. The drive is a 55 kW electric motor.

The safety of the wood chipper operator is controlled by a wire safety switch, which by pulling the cable in any direction stops the hydraulic feeding system. Unlocking the system is done by pressing the "Reset" button, then, in order to return to the chipper cycle (drawing in the material), the "Forward" button must be pressed. Stopping the delivery system is also done by pressing the "EMERGENCY STOP" button.

The standard equipment is electronic work control system, which automatically prevents overloading the drive system by temporarily stopping the delivery system.

Chips produced in the chipping process may be used for direct combustion in furnaces, for production of compost, for decoration purposes and after secondary grinding by a hammer mill as raw material for production of briquette and pellet.

Purchase of Skorpion 350 EBG is the optimal solution for companies and businesses which develop their business in a modern and environmentally friendly direction.


Tehnilised andmed



Overall dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] 4340 x 1820 x 3265
Weight [kg] 3200
Branch diameter [mm] logs up to 250
No of knives (depends on drum version) 2 cutting + 1 counter-knife
Feeding speed [running meters/min] up to 21
Chipping capacity [stère meters/h] up to 16
Width of chips [mm] up to 28 - depends on material
Way of feeding toothed roll and hydraulically driven feeder track
Screen [mm] 50x50
Drum diameter [mm] 520
Hopper dimensions (width x height) [mm] 375 x 340
Length of chain feeder [mm] 960 + 830
Screen [mm] 50 x 50
Type of drive elektric engine
Main engine power [kW] 55


Standard equippment:

  • Control switchbox
  • Rotary chimney 360°
  • Adjustment of height of ejecting the chips
  • Electronic system of work control with hour meter